Sunday, October 14, 2012

Obama Biden 2012

Obama - Biden
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mean Mitt

This little story tells a lot about Mitt Romney's character:

Mitt's son tells the story of a family race (think: Kennedy family and their football games) and the moment the race was down to two people: Mitt and his daughter-in-law Mary, who had recently had a baby. In order to win, Mitt trips Mary. He admits it ...

ROMNEY: I tripped her.

I think that tells you a great deal about this man's character. He admits to cheating in order to win. He admits to tripping his daughter-in-law Mary.

But wait, there's more!

In a puff piece by Fox News, Mitt's son Tagg describes how Mitt pushes to the front of the line at family dinners in order to eat first.

The piece is meant to show Mitt at home with his loving family, but it comes across as creepy and forced, with the disturbing image of Mitt elbowing his grandchildren out of the way to get to the head of the line. I watched this video numerous times, and here are some thoughts....

Tagg seems to be enjoying making his dad look like a jerk. His wife Jen also seems to be enjoying it. His daughter (in white) seems embarrassed and then grins. Ann looks like she just swallowed a bug, and Mitt, well, he just keeps scarfing down pancakes.

He also plays pranks on his sons, asking them to smell food and then pushing their face into the food:

Mitt has a long standing reputation as a prankster, with stories from multiple sources (Google: Mitt dressed cop) about Mitt dressing up as a cop and scaring people.

These "pranks" seems a bit mean spirited, don't you think? In all of them runs a recurring theme: Mitt is bigger, stronger, and more powerful, and the kids, grandkids, and former classmates don't seem to enjoy the "joke" in fact, some of them seem disturbed by it.

Some people say that small children and dogs can sense a person's character, and I tend to think that's true...

Is that the kind of man who you want to be President? Or is this.....

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Grannies Beware!

Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan to be his VP.

What does that mean to voters?

I can't speak for all of them, but I do know this: when my 74 year old mother (who voted for McCain)  heard about Paul Ryan's budget plan - which would eliminate Medicare and replace it with a voucher - she was so furious, she became an Obama supporter.

Mr. Ryan's plan has been so unpopular with voters he has been booed by seniors at his town hall meetings:

People LIKE healthcare, and that their parents, grandparents, and they themselves -when they reach that age- can count on Medicare to provide the health care they need, without having to worry about pre-existing conditions and high premiums from private insurers. 

Medicare is also a provider of health care to individuals with disabilities if they cannot qualify for their state's Medicaid.

Oh yeah, Paul Ryan wants to cut Medicaid, too the medical plan for low-income people, children, and as stated above, people with disabilities.

Why the cuts? To fund more tax-cuts for the rich, of course!

Mr. Ryan, were you born without compassion? Gutting Medicare and Medicaid is just plain mean, especially when you receive high quality health care which is paid for by the very taxpayers you are trying to take healthcare away from.

This makes you a scary guy, and as the wonderful Mike Fogelsanger points out:

You may look like Eddie Munster, but you are more like Eddie MONSTER

Courtesy of the brilliantly talented AzureGhost

If a group of nuns on a bus are traveling across the country to say; "Shame on you" then you have to ask yourself: is there something wrong with my plan?

Further reading: last blog post on Paul Ryan and his scary budget: