Sunday, May 15, 2011

Looks are Deceiving

Well, Paul Ryan looks like a nice young man...oh wait..wrong picture...(my apologies to Eddie Munster/Butch Patrick)

That's better.

Yes, he does look nice, but his budget is just plain wrong. And mean.

He wants to end Medicare and give more tax breaks to millionaires. As if they need more money. This quick video explains it well:

Like the nice lady says at the end, what is he thinking? He claims he is trying to balance the budget and reduce the deficit, but his math does not add up, as outlined in the always outstanding work of Ezra Klein: "the single largest policy contributor to projected deficits is the extension of the Bush tax cuts."

I do not understand how a person can sleep at night when they propose ending Medicare as we know it, in addition to giving more tax cuts to the wealthy. Is he delusional? Did he fail math? Does he hate the middle class?

It is encouraging to know that the majority of Americans do not support this proposal, and he had senior citizens angry at him, shouting at him during a town hall meeting to tax the rich and leave Medicare alone:

A recent poll by The Washington Post/ABC news shows the majority of American oppose cutting Medicare:

All I can say about this entire ugly Republican fiasco is this:

Mr. Ryan should be ashamed of himself. What do you think?

UPDATE: Tweet from friend:


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