Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Smells Like Desperation

I got a robo-call from Dick Morris and FOX news (man, did they have the wrong number). This is the second time I received such a call, the first time was over a year ago and I just hung up. 

This time I listened with amusement, as Morris was ranting about Obama's secret liberal agenda and how he is ruining America, yada yada yada... here is what was going through my mind - wow, the Republicans are frantic, they have no real viable candidate for 2012 and people are really starting to hate them for their policies and tax cuts for the rich, and, well, you know.

So I actually waited until the prerecorded message was over so I could talk to Morris' "assistant" - he actually said, "Please stay on the line for my assistant," (yeah, it's some woman working for minimum wage in a call center) and the woman comes on, you can tell she's reading from a script, so before she gets too far into her pitch to get me to donate to the RNC, I say, "I just want to let you know something...(and I love the fact that she waited politely...I was also very polite, no need to take it out on her, she's just trying to make a few bucks) ...

...and then I said in a very cheerful tone of voice: "I think Dick Morris is a toad, and I fully support President Obama. In addition, I am on the National Do Not Call registry, so please make a note of this and make sure I do not receive any more of these calls."

I LOVED her reply, "Ma'am, I completely understand, and I will make sure you are not contacted again." I knew that she was just trying to do an unpleasant job, and the way she replied told me that she also supports our president, but a gal has to make ends meet one way or another in this economy.

Since President Obama announced the death of Osama bin Laden, his approval rating has jumped to 60% and the Republicans still do not have a viable contender for the 2012 election.

And as reported on The Rachel Maddow Show a group of freshmen Republicans held a press conference to ask President Obama to stop the political rhetoric they are enduring after voting for the Ryan Budget, which caused their constituents to voice their very unhappy responses at a number of townhall meetings.

As Rachel said, they are crying "Uncle" after being hammered for voting to essentially end Medicare as we know it. Turns out that is not such a popular idea with the majority of the American people.

I am not sure what the Republicans can do to turn public opinion around at this point, they are fighting an uphill battle against a popular president with ideas that are unpopular with the majority of voters. I am sure it will be something silly, like creating a false controversy over inviting a rapper to an evening of poetry at the White House, or mentioning that he is the one who got bin Laden.

There are people who get upset over the right wingers and their hypocrisy, their false controversies and manufactured outrage, but having realized that these are acts of desperation, I just find it amusing.

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